I am Gavin D. Howard. I am running for Governor of Utah against Spencer Cox in 2024.

My platform is America as it should be according to the prophets and the Founding Fathers.

And if I cannot find a running mate, I will run for United States Senate against Senator Mitt Romney in 2024.

I originally planned to run for United States Senate for Utah against Mike Lee, but a couple things changed my mind.

First, Senator Lee continued to be a more moderate voice in Washington.

Second, the catalyst reason for running against him was that he seemed poised to vote for a bill that would attempt to ban encryption. That is an issue that has many effective groups defending it, so I feel safer letting that go.

Third, Utah Governor Spencer Cox said, “Power is on loan from the Legislature during emergencies because they can’t respond as quickly. We don’t support reining in executive powers — especially on health and safety issues.”

Those are words of the despot that must be stopped.

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